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American Zoot Shooters Association is bringing back the Roaring Twenties!

American Zoot Shooters Association (AZSA) is bringing back the Roaring Twenties! AZSA is a multi-gun sport in which participants dress in 1920s-1940s costumes and compete against the clock engaging targets for the best possible score. Zoot Shooters must use firearms that are correct for the time period prior to 1950…



Breaking News


2017 AZSA World Championships

~August 13th, 2017

The AZSA 2017 World Championships wil be Labor Day weekend at Colorado Rifle Club in Byers, CO.  The match will be September 2 - 4, 2017. AZSAwc2017APP

Even Wiseguys got Mothers

~May 6th, 2016


Updated Rules Posted for 2016

~March 12th, 2016

Check out the rules changes just posted. Cocked and locked semi auto pistols are now allowed.

May 1st Precinct Colorado Rifle Club match canceled

~May 6th, 2015

The Sunday May, 10th 1st Precinct AZSA monthly match at the Colorado Rifle Club has been canceled do to rain making the roads to the range a mess as well as forecast weekend rain.

New AZSA Clubs

~April 4th, 2015

Starting new clubs around the country is the only way this game is going to grow. Many people just don't know where or how to get things going. It's also hard to do everything by your self. Ya got ta get a mob a guys behind you to make things easier. In the last year people in the Kansas City, Iowa and Minnesota areas have approached us about getting something going in their areas. Some are experienced competitive shooters with access to an existing range and others aren't.

We ain’t givin’ up!

Deacon here, it’s taken a while, but G-Man is now running da joint. I’ll be his chauffeur  [dat's driver to some of you slower mugs] and trying to keep things running here. We need articles and ideas, ask questions about specific guns out there, and especially pictures of your set ups!

April Colorado Match Canceled

The First Precinct Sunday April 9th ,2017 AZSA match at the Colorado Rifle Club will be canceled due to range and road conditions.  With a little luck May will be better, hope to see everyone then.

Tomorrow’s 1st Precinct Make-Up Match is Canceled!

Colorado spring weather strikes again! Weather guessers are calling for snow and a high of 40 degrees tomorrow. Therefore, the next 1st Precinct match at Colorado Rifle Club will be in June. See ya then!

Tomorrow’s 1st Precinct Match is Canceled!

Tomorrow’s 1st Precinct AZSA match at Colorado Rifle Club is canceled due to mud.

2013 World Championship

The AZSA 2013 World Championship is right around the corner! It takes place at Colorado Rifle Club in Byers, CO and runs August 30 – September 1. The match will be hosted by the 1st Precinct Zoot Shooters club. Please contact Steve “G-Man” Fowler at for a match application and more details.