2010 is off to a good start!

~February 6th, 2010

This year has been kind to American Zoot Shooters Association (AZSA). We attended the SHOT (Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade) Show in Las Vegas, Nevada to promote our new sport with Auto-Ordnance. The Shooting Gallery episode based on the AZSA aired on the Outdoor Channel January 20th. We are gaining attention and memberships!

The SHOT Show moved back to Las Vegas in 2010. Last year we traveled to Orlando, Florida to promote Zoot Shooters and it went well but we were happy to be in “Sin City” this time. There is so much more to do. It is such a fun town. “Vegas baby!” The Hustler stayed in dress every day and the entire crew was in costume on Thursday. We spent most of that day in the Auto-Ordnance booth greeting people, passing out fliers and posing for photos. We did venture out to shoot the Palco Sports airsoft Tommy Gun, to check out the Smith Elite shooting glasses, to introduce ourselves to the SASS founders and for a quick interview with Roy Huntington of American Handgunner magazine.

While we were at the SHOT Show the Zoot Shooters’ Shooting Gallery episode aired on the Outdoor Channel. This was unfortunate for the AZSA founders and crew because we missed it. To date we still have not seen the show but we have heard that it was excellent. People no longer seem to use VCRs; we may have to go an associate’s hideout to watch it on a DVR or TiVo. If that does not happen before April, Marshal Halloway says the entire season should be available for purchase on DVD.

The SHOT Show and the Shooting Gallery sparked a real interest in our organization. Visits to the website and membership are way up compared to earlier months. Due to this we have decided to post updates here instead of emailing them. Speaking of membership, we finally have the ID cards finished. New members will get them with their t-shirt and old members will have them mailed. We apologize for the delay.

There are new rules coming for 2010 as well. Many guns that are a big part of the 1920s-1930s were being excluded from our sport so the minimum caliber size for primary guns is being lowered from .38 to .32. We will also specify what is okay and what is not for 1911 and 1911A1 pistols. Target placement and caper design will be addressed and a “Mulligan Rule” will also be added. We still want our rules to be simple but we feel there are a few gray areas that need to be reviewed.

The match dates for Colorado have been posted and there may be more if we can get an additional host range. Massachusetts and Texas have not submitted any dates for their capers but we expect to hear from them soon. The Sabre Defence gang may be holding matches in Tennessee and elsewhere. When they confirm this, we will add their information to the Club page. AZSA members may hold their own matches. If you are interested in starting a club in your area, please contact us.

That is all for now. Check back often for regular updates and thanks for your support!

The Hustler

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