AZSA’s First Match

~July 25th, 2009

On October 16th, 2008 American Zoot Shooters Association (AZSA) held its first match. Henning “The Undertaker” Wallgren and I, Jason “The Hustler” Huss, AZSA’s founders, convinced five of our friends to go up to Clear Creek County Sportsman’s Club in Dumont, CO. The day was perfect! There was a little snow on the ground but it was a bright and beautiful Thursday afternoon in the Rockies.

This first match was AZSA’s trial. We had no formal rules or Caper designs of any kind just an idea. We did have seven people in costumes with guns, an empty range including access to Clear Creek Practical Shooters’ props and perfect weather. As we set up our first Caper, Henning and Eric “Indiana” Miller hashed out a way to keep score. By the time Bay 1 had a complete field course, Zoot Shooters had some rules!

I loaded my Tommy’s drum and shot the Caper first. I thought it went well until I was followed by Henning. “The Undertaker” smoked it! Henning was then followed by Alan “Don Alan” aka “Machine Gun Alan” Samuel. Alan is a Class III firearms dealer and he, of course, used a M1 Thompson sub-machine gun! You may think it holds a significant advantage to use full auto but it empties magazines quickly and “no shoot” targets are at a much greater risk. Given the choice I’m sure most Zoot Shooters would still use a machine gun if they could. It is definitely more fun and ab-so-lute-ly looks cooler! Alan was then followed by Mike “The Penguin” Henss, Eric, Adam “Sneaker” Casanova and Emma “Dame West” Hall. This was the first time Emma had competed in a shooting competition of any kind and she did it in heels.

After the first Caper was run by all seven Zoot Shooters, sharing three Tommys, we tore it down, rearranged the props and had Caper number two. This was to be done twice more before the match was complete. When it was all over, the scores were tallied. Henning was the winner of the very first AZSA match. Eric took second, Alan third, Adam fourth then Mike, myself and Emma.

That was how our first match went. When we left the range we went to Alan’s house for a few more photos and to download the pictures and videos to his computer. Our day finally ended at the Tommyknocker Brewery (fitting name, huh?) in Idaho Springs. Curious patrons asked if we were in a band or thespians. We celebrated a great day and talked about Zoot Shooters’ future over dinner. In December the video Alan made of our milestone day was posted on YouTube and that became another story.



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3 Responses to “AZSA’s First Match”

  1. John Dillinger says:

    Yee ha, Baby!
    Website looks great! Many congrats to Bret and Jason for the hard work. It paid off.

  2. What a great idea you guys have come up with, and to see what you have developed and actually done on the ground!
    This whole shooting activity with a different twist could really catch on, and as a by-product, give new life to the 1927a1s and 1911s.
    The clothing is great, and especially love the good looking ‘tomato’ shooting the Thompson!

  3. harry peratesti says:

    typical day here in chicago, cept we use the 100 round drums
    and all while eating pasta

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