AZSA’s First “Official” Match

~July 26th, 2009

Zoot Shooters first “official” match was May 30th, 2009 at Clear Creek County Sportsman’s Club in Dumont, CO. We had four Capers with ten new, realistically painted walls. We only had five shooters from the original “Seven” show but we had six new shooters in our match. Despite the rain, we all had a great day! We also had two excellent photographers document the occasion, Hugh Tyner of Tyner Photography and Paul Hyland with a keen remote control camera.

Before the match, Henning “The Undertaker” Wallgren and Jason “The Hustler” Huss (myself) purchased enough lumber to build twenty walls. Our thought was to paint both sides differently. When viewed from up range, we can choose from forty possible scenes. Unfortunately, Henning and I believe in building sturdy things that last. Let’s just say these walls are not just attractive because Brady “The Kid” Lehr can apply paint, they are extremely heavy! Rest assured, help with set-up and tear-down will always be greatly appreciated at Clear Creek Zoot Shooters’ matches.

We thought we were prepared for our second (first “official”) match but we still didn’t have it designed beforehand. Luckily we arrived at the range early enough to plan and set-up before the advertised start time (barely!). We built four capers. The first started through a door, engaging USPSA paper targets with a pistol through windows (ports) then ending in the “get-away car” with a rifle on a plate rack. Not everyone used a rifle at the end of the Caper. A few registered as pistol shooters and shot all Capers with pistols only. Instead of using a rifle, pistol shooters may use a support hand for the targets intended for rifles (see: RULES). The second Caper (which was delayed by a heavy down-pour) wound through a small maze of walls and except for the pistol shooters it was shot completely with rifles. This stage started with USPSA targets through ports, inside to an assortment of steel plates then more paper targets through windows and finally some paper at the end “hiding” behind “no shoots”. The third Caper was pistols only engaging steel plates from a box with a bonus popper target in the back. The shooter then moved to a down range box and engaged paper targets and the popper target if it had not been taken from the first box. The fourth and last Caper started with the shooter leaning on a bar, pistol holstered. At the signal the shooter drew and shot three poppers then moved to a wall of barrels. Paper targets were engaged through the barrels then the pistol was safely discarded and exchanged for a rifle. The final targets of the match were finished!

Our second match had come and gone. Everyone had fun! Ken “John Dillinger” Kwiat took first place, Henning second and Alan “Machine Gun Alan” Samuel third. We were very excited to have new Zoot Shooters at our second match including two SASS shooters we met for the first time “G-Man” and “John Smith”. We also had “Sheriff Paul”, Murray and Brady who was shooting his first competition of any kind under the AZSA board of directors’ guidance. Brady did very well especially having a few jams and gun malfunctions. If you have watched the video, you may have noticed his magazine “dumping” at the end of Caper 2. That spot must have been jinxed because it was the same place where my Tommy Gun decided to have a catastrophic jam (also shown in the video)! With some fresh input from the new Zoot Shooters we learned a few more tricks that we hope to incorporate in future matches. We can’t wait for the 2009 AZSA “National Championship” match in August. See you there!



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