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Deacon’s Bully Pulpit #3 Wheel Guns

~July 2nd, 2012

Why a Wheelgun might be for you!

While the .45 Auto is our “signature” handgun, realize that in our time frame the revolver ruled the police and civilian markets still. Why? Reliability. “Six for Sure” was a real motto and was devoutly followed by many.


Deacon’s Bully Pulpit #2 Tommy Gun

~June 11th, 2012

A look at our favorite gun, the Thompson Sub Machine Gun. Since this sport of ours is all about fun, this gun sums it up. “The Chicago Typewriter”, “The Chopper”, “The Tommy Gun” , etc, everyone recognizes it.


Deacon’s Bully Pulpit #1 Getting Started

~May 22nd, 2012

Okay, lissen up youse mugs and dolls, ‘cuz I’m gonna take you through da what’s and wherefore’s of getting started in dis sport…..


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