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~June 5th, 2011

The AZSA is going through organizational changes. One change includes a new PO Box. Please do not “snail mail” any correspondence to our old Longmont, CO PO Box. Please visit our contact page for the new address. Thanks!

Rule Changes Coming Soon

~February 9th, 2011

The AZSA will be making changes to its rules before the season gets under way. Currently they are displayed as edition 1.0.0. They should be 2.0.0 but the first major changes to the original rules were not made before clubs were formed and they were not officially announced. There may be enough changes made that the new edition will be 3.0.0. If not, they will be edition 2.1.0.



~February 7th, 2011

Due to the interest generated by the name of our sport and the inquiries we have received from its beginning, I have decided to write this blog to explain why we chose “Zoot Shooters”.



~January 4th, 2011

As much as we all like to have fun with guns in a safe way, it still takes financial help. Even if you never participate in Zoot Shooter’s capers or simply like what we do for all shooting sports, your donations are appreciated! Visit our Speakeasy and donate today!

100th Anniversary of the 1911!

~December 19th, 2010

Next year marks the 100th anniversary of John Moses Browning’s swell 1911 pistol. This platform has been hitting on all sixes for almost 100 years! With 2011 right around the corner, many manufacturers will be offering something to commemorate the occasion. One 1911 builder, Cylinder & Slide Inc. has such a gun in mind.


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