Da Super .38!

~August 4th, 2018

Okay, here’s a round and a gun that is poifect for Zoot Shootin! The 1911 in .45 had earned a tremendous reputation in WW1 as a real man stopper, but come the 20s and the rise of the gangsters using bullet proof vests and the heavy construction of cars then, the .45 was lacking. So Colt grabbed an older round called the .38 Automatic and bumped the pressure up to hot rod it. [PS Never fire a Super round in a gun chambered for the .38 Auto]. This turned out to be a flat shooting round that came to be very popular with lawmen, gangsters and really took off South of the Border, where civilians could not own the .45. However, many of these older guns are not as accurate due to the case mouth spacing of the barrels. Don’t despair! The new barrels are excellent and can be tack drivers. New 1911s are being built now and thanks to shooters like Rob Leatham and Brian Enos run beautifully! The round is soft recoiling in a steel 1911 and easy to handload. Very good factory ammo is coming out and is priced right! Check out the .38 Super, you will like it!

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