Deacon’s Bully Pulpit #10 Gotta love them .32s!

~May 31st, 2019

Okay, it is impressive to watch the big guns get unloaded on targets, and a rush when you touch them off. But, for pure fun, the milder rounds are the cat’s pajamas! And there aren’t many that are more fun than the .32s!

Okay, some of our finest Zootin’ guns are these too! The Walther PP and PPk, the Colt 1903, Browning .32s, the Savage 1907, the Ruby, Tokarev and Mauser HSc and Broomhandle in autos and then every maker made made .32 revolvers. The 32s [with the exception of the Broomhandle] are all small to medium size guns, so are easier for shooters with smaller or weaker hands to handle easily. Recoil is VERY pleasant with these guns and you can find good deals on used top break .32 revolvers easily. There are 2 .32 H&R top breaks in my local gun store right now for $160 each. [I am debating about grabbing one of them myself]

So here’s the break down of these cartridges.
First up, the 7.62 Nagant. A Russian built Belgium designed revolver used for over 80 years! Adopted in 1895, it uses a very unusual system of sealing the cylinder of the gun. Some of these are roughly machined as they were built during the World Wars, but many are very good. It is the only gun that uses this round and surplus ammo has dried up. New ammo is tough to find and will have to be ordered online usually.
Next, the .32 ACP. One of the first really successful auto rounds, designed by John Browning, it is a delight to shoot. There are so many fine guns out there to run this round it is overwhelming! If buying an older gun, make sure magazines are available for them. One oddity about the .32 ACP is that many .32 revolvers can fire this round as it is semi-rimmed. Ammo is easy to find.
Now we have the .32 S&W and it’s progeny. A revolver round that was extremely popular, it was then stretched to make the .32 Long! It’s history soesn’t stop there as it also was stretched twice more to give us the .32 Magnum and now even the .327 Magnum! Both the original and Long are completely legal for Zoot Shooting and many .32 Magnums will pass out 10 foot rule and will fire any of the rounds. Low recoil makes these very fun to shoot and in better quality guns they are ridiculously accurate. .32 S&W is a challenge to find, but any gun store can get Long for you easily.
Next up is the .30 Mauser [7.63 Mauser] and 7.62 Tokarev. The Mauser was developed for that New-fangled Broomhandle gun from 1896 and was a hot rod back then. The Broomhandle is a heavy gun so recoil is smooth and easy. The Russians decided they liked the round but wanted it to run in their submachine guns and their new 1933 Tokarev pistol, so they bumped it up even more! While the 2 rounds are identical externally, do not run Tokarev ammo in a Broomie, it is too hot and will damage the gun! The Tokarev pistol is all steel, very good sights and can have a very good trigger. It is comfortable to shoot, recoil is about that of a .38 Special. It is a LOUD round, so be prepared! Tokarev ammo is easy to find although most surplus is gone.
The pictures below show the cartridges I had on hand with the .45 ACP and .38 Special included for comparison.

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