Deacon’s Bully Pulpit, Custom work

~August 21st, 2018

Okay Guys and Dolls, Deacon here. Today we’re gonna talk about having custom work done on your guns. First, read the rules, then read them again, if you are going to use the gun in competition. Whether Zootin’, CAS, Wild Bunch or IPSC, don’t disqualify yourself by accident. Take your time and plan ahead, shooting the gun until you are completely familiar with it before sending it off for work. My example here is I really loved the look of the gun Indiana Jones tosses into his suitcase in Raiders of the Lost Ark. A Smith and Wesson that has a barrel band front sight! I have waited for several years to find a proper donor gun, but now that I have, the hunt has begun to get the right look on that front sight. In the meantime, the gun is a good shooter that has already been modified to some extent. I know I love shooting N frames, this one already has a very good trigger and has NO collector value. If you are going to modify a gun, make sure first, that you aren’t going to ruin the value on a rare/valuable gun!

Okay, trigger jobs have messed more people’s guns up than anything else. Make sure that you have a gunsmith who will know how to not only lighten and smooth the trigger right, but keep it safe at the same time! A hair trigger belongs on target or long range precision guns, but not on an everyday use or competition gun for normal human beings. A smooth trigger will feel lighter than it actually is. Try out trigger jobs from a gunsmith before trusting your gun to them.

Changing sights can be a really beneficial/frustrating exercise. Make sure that a sight will pass the 10′ rule. I just finished building a 1911 in .38 Super and the rear sight was a Novak style. These are great sights, nice and 21st Century modern. And ain’t gonna work on a Zoot gun! However, 20 minutes with a grinder and file and now the profile matches a sight from the 1934 King’s Gunsmithing catalog! Do your research! And have some fun making that gat personal to you!

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