National Championship Match Conclusion

~September 12th, 2009

On August 29, 2009 at the Clear Creek County Sportsman’s Club in Dumont, Colorado the American Zoot Shooters Association held its “Last Man Standing” National Championship match. We had 17 shooters, five Capers and three sponsors. Michael Bane, host and producer of Shooting Gallery, was on the scene with a film crew producing a future episode that should air in early 2010 on the Outdoor Channel.

This was our biggest turn out yet! All 17 Zoot Shooters were “dressed to the nines”! Thanks to Jodi “Virginia The Flamingo Hill” DePorter of Kahr/Auto-Ordnance; she brought extra Tommy Guns. By the time the match had started, all shooters signed up for the “Pistol Only” division had switched to “Rifle-Pistol”!

Originally we had planned for six Capers then considered seven but finally ended the match with five. There were four field courses consisting of several targets using a combination of USPSA standard paper targets, steel plates and USPSA Popper targets. There was a Tommy Gun speed shoot at the end of Ken “John Dillinger” Kwiat’s “Safe House” caper that was a re-engagement of the field course’s end targets from another starting position. All field course capers required changing guns except for Henning “The Undertaker” Wallgren and Emma “Dame West” Hall’s elaborately decorated “Bank Robbery” caper which was shot completely with Thompsons. The sixth caper, the “Last Man Standing” shoot-off, was canceled because of unexpected delays.

The winner of the first Zoot Shooters National Championship was Henning. James “Statler H. Eckler” Casanova took second and Alan “Machine Gun Alan” Samuel third. Check the match results for the places, times and penalties for all 17 shooters. Congratulations to everyone! And thanks to those of you who helped set up, officiate the match and tear down. Your assistance was greatly appreciated.

Our big match also had prizes! There were cash pay outs to the top three non-AZSA board of director winners and random prize drawings. Kahr/Auto-Ordnance, who was represented by Jodi, donated Tommy Gun magazines; a 100 round drum, a 50 rounder and two 30 round stick mags. Sabre Defence, who unfortunately was unable to attend, contributed four of their AR-15 competition barrels. New to the shooting industry, Tuffy Security Products, gave a $125 gift certificate. Tuffy makes security boxes for Jeeps, Trucks and SUVs. They have future plans to offer gun vaults for automobiles. THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS!

Michael Bane and his Shooting Gallery crew captured several hours of Zoot Shooters footage. He and Ron Stein interviewed many of the shooters including AZSA’s founders and board of directors. “Machine Gun Alan” had a friend bring a 1937 Ford Sedan to help dress-up the match. The car was a nice fit and added extra realism to our event. The show that Michael will create about our match and exciting new sport should make for some great television. If you would like to see a sample of what is to come, check out Down Range TV.

This wraps up the season for the Zoot Shooters in Colorado. We now plan to turn our attention to AZSA’s foundation. The website needs more content added, the rules updated, we still have to make membership cards, prep for SHOT Show, develop new products, etc, etc, etc. If you have not had your fill, the Copicut Zoot Shooters, in Massachusetts, still have two more matches planned for this year. And a new club, near Austin, Texas, called the Green Mountain Untouchables, has a match planned for the end of March 2010. Check the Club page for more info. AZSA is growing!

There are pictures from the match in the Gallery and there are more to come. Watch for new videos too. And do not forget to tune into the Outdoor Channel next year to watch the big show. Do not worry; there will be an announcement before it airs. Thanks and we apologize for the late update!

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