Nebraska Club!!!

~April 12th, 2014

We have a new club in Nebraska! Instead of putting its emergence into our own words, the match director’s announcement letter is below. Also, their club information and contact details are now listed on our club page.

Hi Everybody

I’m pleased to be able to announce the 1st ever Nebraska Precinct Caper. This will be a slightly different match than the AZSA World Championships that I’ve attended at Byres each of the last 2 years because of the terrain of the range it will be held at and the targets we have available for the match. This will be a 4 day, 2 match for the price of one event. Shooters can participate in either match or both the AZSA match and/or the Grand Army of the Frontier match that will be held the 2 days prior to the AZSA match. The AZSA portion of the weekend will beginSunday afternoon June 29th and will end by evening on Monday June 30. Entry fees for both matches is $75. Meals are available on site.By using Google Earth and going to 41°40′16.24″N Latitude and 99°19′42.54″W Longitude you can see the match site. Registration forms are available on the “Dispatches” page of the Grand Army’s Web site This form is set up for the GAF muster part of the shoot but will work for both.

Participation will be limited to 35 shooters.This will be held in conjunction with the 2014 Grand Army of the Frontier Grand Muster the last weekend of June. The Grand Army of the Frontier is an organization that honors the memories and achievements of the late Victorian-era military of all nations between 1858 and 1904, with a particular emphasis on American army on the Western Frontier between 1860 and 1900. Our matches are similar to Cowboy Action Shooting or Zoot Shooting in that we wear the clothing and use the firearms of a by-gone era but it’s different in that we emphasize the use of military firearms and uniforms. Participants are welcome to use their standard CAS equipment as we intentionally designed categories to allow them. The link below contains links to You Tube videos of one of our matches. The second link is to our rules book,49069.0.html,33665.0.html

Jerry M. (Pitspitr) Davenport

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