AZSA Life Membership

Don’t be a wet blanket! Join the newest, keenest shooting sport on Earth forever! For a limited time we are offering life memberships to American Zoot Shooters Association at an introductory price of $200. Membership is for LIFE and includes a FREE AZSA t-shirt, Auto-Ordnance Tommy Gun pin and ID card. Be sure to read “More Details” before ordering…

During check-out enter your character name requests in the comments section. Names are given on a first come, first served basis. If your first choice is not available, we'll use your second choice, then third and so forth. If none of your requests are available, we will contact you. Also, be sure to include your t-shirt size. A t-shirt color request will be accepted and shipped to you if it is available in your size; if not, we will send what we have in stock. Available colors are only those that are currently for sale in our store. Thanks!

Price: $200.00

This product has sold out.


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