The 2009 SHOT Show

~July 26th, 2009

Henning “The Undertaker” Wallgren goes to the SHOT Show every year to promote his Tanfoglio parts and shooting talent. I went to the 2008 Las Vegas, NV show with him just for fun, “Vegas baby!” When we were there last year we told Jodi DePorter of Auto-Ordnance about our plan to create a “new shooting sport”. She thought it was a great idea and promised to keep it a secret. After the video of our first match hit YouTube, Henning created a Zoot Shooters website.  We then started to receive excellent response and plenty of positive feedback. I was not planning to go to the 2009 show in Orlando, FL but Henning convinced me. We made some t-shirts and cheesy business cards, packed our suits and headed to the 2009 SHOT Show with Emma “Dame West” Hall.

At first we thought we would chicken-out and not wear our costumes to the Shot Show but after being asked several times about our t-shirts on day one we decided to wear them on day two. Our courage paid-off! We could not believe it, the video had only been on YouTube for less than a month and people knew who we were. We were even chased-down by Cornered Cat for an interview. It was very impressive to know that our idea was catching on. That day Jodi revealed “our secret” to Justin Moon, owner of Kahr/Auto-Ordnance. Alan “Machine Gun Alan” Samuel showed Justin the video he had made and Justin seemed very pleased.  We think it is going to be a wonderful relationship between the AZSA and Kahr/Auto-Ordnance!

Of course it was not all work that long weekend, we had fun too. We covered most of the show, checked out guns and other cool products. We met a few members of the Band of Brothers and had our picture taken with them. It was an honor to be in their presence. We stopped by the FBI booth and were captured by a clever agent wielding a Wii Zapper. We hung out with friends in town and enjoyed some the Orlando nightlife. For the Zoot Shooters the 2009 SHOT Show was a great experience and well worth the trip. We will be there in 2010 for sure. Look for Henning and myself Jason “The Hustler” Huss, we would love to meet you!

SHOT Show Photos

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  1. [...] That was how our first match went. When we left the range we went to Alan’s house for a few more photos and to download the pictures and videos to his computer. Our day finally ended at the Tommyknocker Brewery (fitting name, huh?) in Idaho Springs. Curious patrons asked if we were in a band or thespians. We celebrated a great day and talked about Zoot Shooters’ future over dinner. In December the video Alan made of our milestone day was posted on YouTube and that became another story. [...]

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