Zoot Shooters 2009 “National Championship” Match

~July 27th, 2009

2009 National Championship Flier

August 29th, 2009 will be what the AZSA is calling its first “National Championship” match. The match will be held at the Clear Creek County Sportsman’s club in Dumont, CO. Start time is 10AM. There will be six Capers and the match fee is only $50! Random prize drawings will be donated by Auto-Ordnance (who will be attending and represented by Jodi DePorter), Sabre Defence and Tuffy Security Products. Match winners will receive cash prizes determined by the number of paid entries (hint: invite your friends so you may win more money).

Match Application

Match Flier

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4 Responses to “Zoot Shooters 2009 “National Championship” Match”

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  2. The Hustler says:


    We only have one week left until the big match! It looks like we will have seven Capers instead of six. Three field courses with a speed shoot at the end of each and one “head to head” Tommy gun shoot-off. Do not worry if you do not have a Thompson for the shoot-off we will provide them, you just need to provide the .45ACP. The shoot-off is an elimination Caper where the overall winner will receive a zero added to their total score. The remaining shooters will receive more time determined by their finish but there will be a cap. At the most you will only get 30 seconds or something (we haven’t made a final decision yet for scoring that Caper). If you finish near the end or elect to bypass the Caper all together, it will not be a total loss.

    Even though we called this the “National Championship” (we have to start somewhere…), there will be new shooters participating in the match. New shooters must be at the range by 9:00am for orientation. The class will be directed by Alan “Machine Gun Alan” Samuel. Speaking of Alan, if you need .45ACP, he has some for sale. We know it is still a little hard to find (thanks paranoid, ammo hoarders!). Contact him if you can not find any,

    Don’t forget to be prepared for any sort of weather. This match will go on whether it is rain or shine. Unfortunately, we are a little tight on funds like everyone else. As much as we would like to cater this event, we simply can not afford it. Please bring your own food and drinks (no alcohol for obvious reasons). We also plan to top off the night at Falling Rock Tap House in downtown Denver. Anyone is invited to join us. We are going to remain in our costumes for the festivities. The owners of Falling Rock are aware of our invasion.

    Michael Bane, host and producer of Shooting Gallery on Outdoor Channel, will be present. He is filming the match for a future episode. Get ready to show the world our exciting, new shooting sport!

    As always, spectators are welcome at our matches. If you’d like to come and watch please wear eye and ear protection. Hope to see everyone there! If you have questions, contact us asap. There isn’t much time left before the big day!


    The Hustler

  3. Tim Elliott says:

    I love the AZSA idea, but it never will be able to catch on like SASS. The reason is equipment. There are only so many full auto Thompsons. I am sure that the owners don’t want them beat up with heavy use. Now if we could convince our government to remove the restrictions on full auto for the public and get a dozen or so manufacturers to start making making copies, maybe it will all catch on. Wouldn’t that be fun!

  4. The Hustler says:

    You do not need a full auto Thompson for AZSA. Auto-Ordnance makes semi-auto Tommy Guns that are available to most people. The majority of Zoot Shooters are using semi-autos. Actually, you are not required to use a Thompson at all. You can use any .38/9mm or larger pistol cartridge firing rifle that was made before 1939 or looks like it was. If you do not have a rifle, we have a “Pistol Only” division. We designed this sport so most anyone can play!

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