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Start a Zoot Shooters Club

~January 31st, 2011

The formation of American Zoot Shooters Association (AZSA) clubs is the best way to expand our organization. Additional clubs allow for people to get involved in Zoot Shooters on a local level without the need to travel to participate in our sport. Currently we have five clubs in four US states and one in Italy. We need more!


GUNS Magazine Tommy Gun Giveaway

~January 23rd, 2011

GUNS Magazine is giving away an Auto-Ordnance 1927 A-1 Thompson Rifle with a Great Eastern knife! Click here to enter their online survey. You may also mail-in the survey from the March 2011 issue on newsstands now. Check out the digital version. Notice the AZSA plug on the bottom right of page 93…


~January 16th, 2011

The 2011 SHOT Show is January 18-21. Stop by the Auto-Ordnance booth (#15951) to check out their Tommy Guns and chat about the Zoot Shooters with The Hustler.

NRA News Radio Show

~January 13th, 2011

“G-Man” was interviewed by Cam Edwards on the NRA News show the evening of January 4, 2011. “G-Man” was contacted by them after they saw our WSJ front page article from that very same morning. If you missed the show, you can watch and listen on YouTube.

The Wall Street Journal

~January 4th, 2011

Today’s edition of The Wall Street Journal has a feature article about the AZSA. We’re on the front page! Here is a link to the digital version on their website:

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