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World Championship Questions

~March 26th, 2011

The AZSA World Championship is September 11, 2011 at the Colorado Rifle Club. We are considering making this a one or two day match. What would you like to see? Is it easier to get it all over in one day or would you like to see it spread over two? A main match one day and a side match another? What would get you to travel to Colorado to shoot this match?

1927A-1 T5 Tommy Gun Raffle

~March 26th, 2011

The Sand Creek Raiders (aka AZSA’s 1st Precinct) are holding a raffle for a 1927A-1 T5 Tommy Gun generously donated by Auto-Ordnance. The raffle package includes a 30 round stick magazine, a 50 round drum magazine (donated by the Raiders) and violin case.


Guns & Ammo Handguns

~March 2nd, 2011

Guns & Ammo Handguns magazine has a new article entitled “Fun with 1911s”. They list Zoot Shooters and SASS Wild Bunch as two new alternatives to other action shooting sports. Thanks Guns & Ammo!

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