The Usual Suspects

AZSA Mission Statement

American Zoot Shooters Association (AZSA) is bringing back the Roaring Twenties! AZSA is a multi-gun sport in which participants dress in 1920s-1940s costumes and compete against the clock engaging targets for the best possible score. Zoot Shooters must use firearms that are correct for the time period prior to 1950. Costumes may be of any character type reflecting the era such as a gangster, law enforcement type, flapper, etc. Please no military reenacting, think “cops and robbers”!

The predominant AZSA guns are Thompson rifles and 1911 pistols but other firearms may be considered. Though many shooters may already own a 1911 type pistol, most probably do not own a Thompson sub-machine gun. Fortunately, Auto-Ordnance is manufacturing high quality semi-automatic Tommy Guns that do not require special permits. If you are lucky or wealthy enough to own a legally registered, full-auto Tommy Gun by all means use it providing the host range will allow it!

The competitions have multiple stages referred to as capers. Each caper has a specific course of direction in which the shooter must safely engage targets in the quickest amount of time. Capers may reflect a moment in history, a scene from a movie or part of a story that gives a feeling of going back to a time when gangsters made Tommy Guns roar! Most importantly participants must be safe, maintain good sportsmanship and have fun.

Zoot Shooters invites anyone from all walks of life to come out and enjoy our sport. Many fascinating aspects of American history took place during the 1920s-1940s. If you like guns, gangster movies, Jazz music, antique cars, swing dancing, murder mystery parties or having fun, then the AZSA is for you! Everyone is encouraged to use their imagination and get involved. Please check this website often because there may be capers coming to your town soon.

American Zoot Shooters Association’s founders are not historians; please excuse any historical inaccuracies. Furthermore, the AZSA does not condone criminals and gangsters or their activities. Shooting is a potentially dangerous sport and must be treated as such. All shooters must be instructed in safe gun handling before they are permitted to participate in an AZSA competition.

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