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New AZSA Clubs

~April 4th, 2015

Starting new clubs around the country is the only way this game is going to grow. Many people just don’t know where or how to get things going. It’s also hard to do everything by your self. Ya got ta get a mob a guys behind you to make things easier. In the last year people in the Kansas City, Iowa and Minnesota areas have approached us about getting something going in their areas. Some are experienced competitive shooters with access to an existing range and others aren’t.


Nebraska Club!!!

~April 12th, 2014

We have a new club in Nebraska! Instead of putting its emergence into our own words, the match director’s announcement letter is below. Also, their club information and contact details are now listed on our club page.


Tomorrow’s 1st Precinct Make-Up Match is Canceled!

~April 12th, 2014

Colorado spring weather strikes again! Weather guessers are calling for snow and a high of 40 degrees tomorrow. Therefore, the next 1st Precinct match at Colorado Rifle Club will be in June. See ya then!

Tomorrow’s 1st Precinct Match is Canceled!

~March 8th, 2014

Tomorrow’s 1st Precinct AZSA match at Colorado Rifle Club is canceled due to mud.

June Matches

~June 7th, 2013

The Copicut Zooters and Founders’ Club June matches are canceled. Copicut’s weather forecast isn’t shooting friendly and the Founders’ match conflicts with the He-Man 3Gun National Championship. The 1st Precinct match is on this Sunday.

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