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“Slow Dance on the Killing Ground”: The Deaths of Bonnie and Clyde

~December 12th, 2009

Inspired by our recent blog “Road Trip into History – Little Bohemia Lodge”, Roy Huntington, editor of American Handgunner Magazine, invited us to share an article about Bonnie and Clyde’s final shoot-out written by Massad Ayoob. Here is the link. Enjoy!


~November 28th, 2009

A slightly overcast day in the northern woods of Wisconsin near a serene, picturesque lodge, along a quiet lake. Through the woods walks a forty-three year old man. Of average height and build, brown eyes with a glint of hazel sweeps the woods in a hunter’s gaze. Wearing a topcoat and fedora more styled to the 1930’s than 2009, his path takes him to the site of history. Bits of historical data stream through his mind, like a stream of .45 ACP bullets emerging from the heated barrel of a 1921 model Thompson submachine gun, or the harsh rasping bark of that heavy hitter, the Browning Automatic Rifle (or better known by its acronym B.A.R.) 75 years seem to fade……


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