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1st Precinct

Location: Colorado Rifle Club

2020 Capers: June 14, July 12, August 9, September 4 – 6 (AZSA 2020 World Championship)

Other info: No full-auto fire allowed. Match fee is $15. Set-up begins at 7:00am, sign-up is at 9:00am, new shooters meeting is at 9:45am, all shooters safety meeting at 10:00am, hostilities begin at the conclusion of this meeting. Everyone is encouraged to help with set-up.


Rick “Sam Ketchem” Ketchem 720 951 2110

John “Ranger John Slaughter” Smith 303 819 7537


Copicut Zooters

Location: Copicut Rifle Association

2020 capers: TBA

Other info: Safety meeting at 9:30 sharp! Entry fee $15.00. Pack a lunch.

Contact: Tom “The Boilermaker” at or Bill “The Fixer” at


Calamus Vigilance Commitee

Location: Steffan Baker Ranch near Ord or the Jerry Davenport Farm near Sargent

2020 capers: TBA

Other info: 9:00 shooters meeting. CAS, GAF and Zoot Classes welcomed. Lead bullets only

Contact: Dale “Ned Neiderlander” Beethe at, 308.730.1900 or Jerry “Pitspitr” Davenport at, 308.214.0082


ORSA Zoot Shooters

Location: Oak Ridge Sportsman’s Association

Capers: TBD

Other info: Match fee is $15, $10 for ORSA members. Full-autos not allowed at host range.

Contact: Chris “The Chopper” at


Roy Olmstead Auxiliary Rum Runners

Location: Renton Fish and Game Club

Capers: TBD – First Sunday of each month and accompanying Saturdays

Other info: 9:00 shooters meeting. SASS Wild Bunch Rules with “Zoot” guns.

Contact: Darrick “Ike Hildum” Smalley at or 206.365.8609

Mica Peak Moonshiners

Location: Spokane Valley Rifle Pistol Club (SVRPC)

Capers: TBD – Fourth Saturday of each month. Side matches TBA.

Other info: 10:00am shooters meeting. Match fee $10.00 for non members of SVRPC, $5.00 for members.

Contact: Tonie “Two Shotz” Clemons at for directions and range info.



Forty-Five Shooting Club

Location: Forte Canarbino Shooting Center in La Spezia, Italy

Capers: TBD



AZSA Clubs forming in you area

If you would like to be in on the beginnings of a club forming in your state or just want to shoot matches when they get going, contact them and say so.  If you don’t see something in your area it my be time for you to step up and help form a club at your local range, contact us to be added to this section.



Location: Williamson County Gun Club

Contact: Kevin “The Deacon” Collier at


Central Indiana: No range determined at this time.

Contact: Vernon “Karl Dierdorf” Dearduff


Kansas City Area: No range determined at this time.

Contact: Kevin “The Enforcer” Makel


Precinct 12

Minneapolis–Saint Paul: No range determined at this time.

Contact: Dave Pomplun


Kansas City Area: No range determined at this time.

Contact: Kevin “The Enforcer” Makel

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