American Zoot Shooters Association is the cat’s meow!

Zoot Shooters is an exciting, new sport in which participants dress in 1920s-1940s costumes and shoot guns of the era in competition…You now have an excuse to dust-off the old firearms in your collection or to buy new ones! If you like shooting sports, wearing costumes, gangster movies, antique cars, jazz music, or anything else that sparks your imagination about a time when Tommy Guns roared then American Zoot Shooters Association is for you!

Don’t be a wet blanket, join online NOT AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW!!

For those of you who prefer to stay era correct, you may “snail mail” an application with a check or money order (make payable to Jason Huss). Cost of a 1 year membership is $50 US and an introductory priced Life membership is $200 US (non-USA members add $20.00 for postage and handling). Membership includes a FREE AZSA t-shirt, Auto-Ordnance Tommy Gun pin and ID card. Print the membership application, fill it out completely* and mail with your check or money order made out to Steve Fowler, mail to:

1981 S. Mobile St.
Aurora, CO

Click here for the membership application.

*Character names are given on a first come, first served basis. If your first choice is not available, we’ll use your second choice, then third and so forth. If none of your requests are available, we will contact you. Also, be sure to include your t-shirt size. A t-shirt color request will be accepted and shipped to you if it is available in your size; if not, we will send what we have in stock. Available colors are only those that are currently for sale in our store. Thanks!

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