Rule Changes Coming Soon

~February 9th, 2011

The AZSA will be making changes to its rules before the season gets under way. Currently they are displayed as edition 1.0.0. They should be 2.0.0 but the first major changes to the original rules were not made before clubs were formed and they were not officially announced. There may be enough changes made that the new edition will be 3.0.0. If not, they will be edition 2.1.0.

The version numbers associated with our rules have actual meaning. The first digit is a major change. Everyone should pay attention when this number increases. The second digit is a minor change that still affects the way our sport is played. Please note minor changes at your club to be sure you are following our rules. The third digit is a change to the rules that does not affect play. These changes will be things such as spelling or grammar.

2011 rule changes will accomplish several things. They will describe how to start a club. They will include electing ROs and holding safety meetings. They may define appropriate costumes, include a new division and constitute what firearms are allowable. If anything, the 2011 rules will be a more clarified version over the prior.

We are open to suggestions. If you have something you would like to see added or changed, please contact us. The AZSA listens to its members and we want to make sure that we have rules in place that are fair for everyone. Help us make our action shooting sport last!

Jason Huss aka The Hustler

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2 Responses to “Rule Changes Coming Soon”

  1. zootshoot says:

    The new rules are posted…

  2. zootshoot says:

    Aside from the 1940s updates, we may be making a few other changes.

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