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~November 28th, 2009

A slightly overcast day in the northern woods of Wisconsin near a serene, picturesque lodge, along a quiet lake. Through the woods walks a forty-three year old man. Of average height and build, brown eyes with a glint of hazel sweeps the woods in a hunter’s gaze. Wearing a topcoat and fedora more styled to the 1930’s than 2009, his path takes him to the site of history. Bits of historical data stream through his mind, like a stream of .45 ACP bullets emerging from the heated barrel of a 1921 model Thompson submachine gun, or the harsh rasping bark of that heavy hitter, the Browning Automatic Rifle (or better known by its acronym B.A.R.) 75 years seem to fade……


Public Enemies!

~July 30th, 2009

Public Enemies is a new movie based on John Dillinger played by Johnny Depp. This talkie is excellent, four stars; scram, go see it! Public Enemies is great Zoot Shooters inspiration. Other modern movies we like based on the era include The Untouchables, Last Man Standing, Road to Perdition and Miller’s Crossing.

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