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Gangster Gear

~September 12th, 2010

American Zoot Shooters Association is a shooting sport at its core and in order to call yourself a shooting sport you must involve firearms within competition. Zoot Shooters also portrays the 1920s-1930s and without costumes this would be difficult to do. Therefore, dressing up is equally as important as the period correct guns. In this article I will be discussing three important things next to the “Chicago Typewriter” and they are costumes, holsters and eyewear.


Public Enemies!

~July 30th, 2009

Public Enemies is a new movie based on John Dillinger played by Johnny Depp. This talkie is excellent, four stars; scram, go see it! Public Enemies is great Zoot Shooters inspiration. Other modern movies we like based on the era include The Untouchables, Last Man Standing, Road to Perdition and Miller’s Crossing.

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