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The 1940s

~June 30th, 2011

After considerable thought and discussion, we have decided to add another decade to our sport, the 1940s! Has your imagination been leading you to a later time in US history than what the AZSA currently offers? Now you can update your costumes and add a few more guns to your collection! If thoughts of wearing zoot suits and shooting M1 Thompsons made you feel a little out of place for the 1930s,


~February 12th, 2011 interview with Jason “The Hustler” Huss by executive editor Peter Suciu. reports on the media bias against firearms, through insightful analysis, constructive criticism and timely corrections to news media reporting.


~February 7th, 2011

Due to the interest generated by the name of our sport and the inquiries we have received from its beginning, I have decided to write this blog to explain why we chose “Zoot Shooters”.


Gangster Gear

~September 12th, 2010

American Zoot Shooters Association is a shooting sport at its core and in order to call yourself a shooting sport you must involve firearms within competition. Zoot Shooters also portrays the 1920s-1930s and without costumes this would be difficult to do. Therefore, dressing up is equally as important as the period correct guns. In this article I will be discussing three important things next to the “Chicago Typewriter” and they are costumes, holsters and eyewear.


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